B525 Liberty Light: large or small, all are equal and just as effective

Veröffentlicht am 20 April 2018
Autor Adrien Koutny
All hunters and shooters have the right to the “best there is”. Yet even if the very best over and under shotguns are called B25, B15, Heritage, B725, B525 or Cynergy, it does sometimes happen that a shooter cannot find a stock that fits his shoulder. The grip may be too wide, the stock may be too long, the fore-end may be ill-adapted, the trigger may be too far away etc. For some shooters who are smaller than average hunters, such as women or younger people, micro stocks are not always enough. The only solution is to take the shotgun to the gunsmith.

However, a stock cut by a gunsmith has several disadvantages:  the shotgun is no longer covered by the guarantee, the operation is costly and only affects the stock.

For all these reasons, Browning is now making available a shotgun specially designed for younger people, women and smaller men: the B525 Liberty Light.

This over and under shotgun has all the technical features that have produced the worldwide success of the B525:  back-bored barrels, exceptional endurance and manual adjustment of the centrepieces.  To adapt the B525 Liberty Light to the needs of smaller shooters, we have worked on several key elements:  the stock, the action frame, the trigger and the chokes.

  • Stock: the B525 Liberty Light boasts an elegant Monte-Carlo stock never used before in the Browning range for perfect ergonomics. This stock is reduced in size (33mm). You can lengthen it by playing with the three Inflex butt plates supplied in the box. The pitch of the stock (that is, the angle of the butt plate inclination with respect to the barrel) is reduced by 5° so that the chest does not interfere when mounting or shooting. Because the pitch is different, the stock is also equipped with a cheek-piece to allow perfect alignment between the eye and the ventilated top rib.  It should also be noted that the slimmer pistol grip is closer to the trigger.  The reason for this is obviously to allow “small hands” a better grasp.
  • Action frame: the action frame of the B525 Liberty Light is made of aluminium for reduced weight and maximum shooting comfort. This weight reduction is enhanced by the ventilated top rib.  The shotgun weighs only 2.7 kg, yet this does not entail increased recoil because this elegant over and under gun is equipped with an Inflex II butt plate, one of the most effective on the market.
  • Trigger: the trigger of the B525 Liberty Light can be adjusted to three positions to ensure natural shooting without requiring a violent movement of the finger.
  • Chokes: the B525 Liberty Light is equipped with Diana external chokes for perfect shot patterns. They are mechanised in a stainless steel bar and they have titanium finishing, thus rendering them more resistant to sources of external aggression.

The B525 Liberty Light is equipped with American walnut.  It is also available in a left-hander version and is already on sale at gunsmiths at the recommended price of € 2,670.